Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Flash Mob

Location: Greenacres Shopping Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Organizer: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Choir
Date: 25th June 2011

Credit: Africa is a country

Flash mob for La Mutuelle Générale

Location: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
Organizer: La Mutuelle Générale
Date: 9th October 2010

Another commercially fueled flashmob, that still drives social conversation which in turn creates awareness?

An added brownie point in this mob, they have engage Mia Frye to supervise and towards the end you can see her joining into the action.

Location: London Heathrow, London, United Kingdom
Organizer: T-Mobile
Date: 27th October 2010

T-Mobile has had roving success with organising flash mobs, which includes a routine at the London's Liverpool Station has unleashed it again on unsuspecting passengers at the London Heathrow's Terminal 5. Imagine if you're looking weary and just out of bed after a long haul flight then greeted with a crowd of singing and dancing people. Do you think you will still be in the mood for such gesture?

This ad is scheduled to release officially on Friday 29th October at 10:15pm in a full length 3-minute version, will be aired simultaneously across more than 80 digital and terrestrial commercial TV channels. It is expected to be watched by nearly 10 million people across the UK and reach more than 2m households.

For now, let's make do with this preview until the release later today:

Flashmob Brussels AFS

Location: Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: AFS
Date: 24th October 2010

It started off with Jai ho and ended with Waka waka, this mob uses many different songs to represent the different culture.

Greased Lightning

Location: Botany Town Center, Auckland, New Zealand
Organizer: Stijn Van de Velde, a student from South Sea Film and Television

A student from South Sea Film and Television school organized a flash mob for his school editing project. He appealed to about 126 students for help and even setup a Facebook page on this. Before the event happened there were 2 dance rehearsals.

via NZ Herald

Eurovision Song Contest (2010)

Location: Oslo, Norway
Organizer: Eurovision Song Contest 2010

So the fever of flash mob is catching up everywhere, even across Europe!
The people in Eurovision has put together an effort to organize flash mob across 10 countries with 4 dance step video disseminated to mobbers through Facebook (speaking of the power of social media!)

Howto videos:

PHamous Flash Mob

Location: Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, US

This happened about a year ago during the thanksgiving season. Though it's abit late for me to discover but hey better late than never, right?

This impromptu event was attended by lots of well known people, including top Youtuber, Shaycarl from Shaytards, projblogsphere, THEkrismohfanz and many more close friends. The song chosen for this mob is PHamous, paying homage to the venue where this event happened.